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Meet the Author

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Author. Dreamer. Believer. 


"Kind Kids"

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Have you ever met someone who turns their music down just to SEE the sign in front of them while driving? Lauren is THAT person. She's usually on her way to the closest Dunkin' Donuts. Lauren loves her family, dancing around the house to 90s music, and Golden Girls' marathons. "Kind Katie" is her 1st children's book. She hopes to teach children that kindness CAN and WILL change the good deed at a time. Lauren looks forward to sharing many more children's books with the world (after her 3rd cup of coffee, of course!) If you'd like to learn more about Lauren, click here

Word Unscramble

Can you unscramble these key words from the book?

Count Katie

Great worksheet for little ones to practice their counting skills. How many Katies do you see?

Discussion Questions

Engage your students in a conversation after reading it together. 

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