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Cancer Through My Daughter's Eyes: A Story of Strength & Resiliency (Part 2)

“Mama,” she whispered from her carseat. “Are you sick?” It was time for me to stop hiding. It was time for me to be honest.

I took a deep breath.

“Yes Lily. I’m sick, but the doctor is going to take care of me.” Through the rearview mirror, I saw her nod her head. The silence felt painful, but seeing her face in that quick instant before the light turned green felt comforting.

Within seconds she responded, “Oh okay. Sometimes I get sick, but then I feel better. It’s like that right?” I let out a sigh. I was still holding my breath without realizing it.

I nodded and Lily smiled. I let her in, and she felt better already.

Did we have a long road ahead of us? Without a doubt. That suddenly didn’t matter anymore because we would be on the road together.

Lily was the driver, of course. Luis (my best friend/soon to be husband) and I learned that very quickly.

After a few more conversations, that always came sporadically when she brought up the subject… her understanding was that Mama was sick and needed medicine that would make her tired.

Then came the hair loss.

Shout out to the people who thought I could hide that from her. ;) Part 3 coming soon…

My first day with Naomi (my wig)- Lily by my side

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